Tuesday, 25 January 2011

F355: Back to Edinburgh

Having bought the dream, the next task was to get it back to Edinburgh. It was nearly 3pm by the time we'd left the dealer, and had a 440 mile drive ahead of us. Including an unavoidable stint on the M25. It was crawling speed on the way down and as expected the traffic was moving at the same pace in the opposite direction. My eyes were rivetted to the water temperature gauge but the big fans housed in the huge intakes kept the needle rock solid in the 12 0'clock position. Unfortunately not everything was staying cool, the lack of AC got to Lee as he was sitting on the sunny side of the car and it was a surprisingly warm September day. Unfortunate, as I felt rather comfortable in the supportive standard seats and the "Comfort" suspension did provide a little relief from the crappy motorway surfaces. Even still the AC was job number one to get sorted.

Anyway, what a blast to drive! A lot of chat on places like Pistonheads about these older Ferraris being "slow". I guess it depends what you are comparing it to but the F355 fairly shifts by anyones book! Only slight dissapointment was the standard exhaust not really providing that wail you'd expect from a V8 of this calibre. Job number two.

The car performed faultlessly all the way back to Edinburgh, although (regular visits to the petrol station were giving a taste of what's to come) and we arrived around 11pm at my friend's house, where I'll be storing the car until I can work out a better solution. The garage was only 2m wide, and the F355 1900mm wide. It was fairly tight but it slipped in easily with a bit of guidance. That's what she said.

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