Friday, 21 January 2011

The 1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta deal.

26th of August 2010, I paid a £1000 deposit to D.J Sargent of Copthorne on rosso corsa '97 Ferrari F355 GTB over the telephone. I was slightly nervous having never seen the car nor this particular dealer had never laid eyes on the 1994 Porsche 993 that I was trading in as the dealer was a good 443 miles away according to Google maps.

The asking price for the F355 was £37,500 for this 29,000 mile example and I was offered £20,000 for the Porsche, £5250 more than I had paid for it 2 years previously! I guess there was a bit of allowance for discount in there off the Ferrari but I couldn't resist the opportunity to own my all time dream car.

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