Monday, 24 January 2011

Collection Day. F355

It was very early morning September 2nd, it was still dark as we left Nottingham en route to D.J Sargent of Copthorne Specialist Cars.

We arrived around midday, the road name was called Flightpath Way. Not just a clever name, every few minutes a 737 would float by heading for Gatwick airport.

We met Damon who I had dealt with over the phone, he brought the F355 out into the light for us to have a nose around and make sure everything was in order. I also handed over my Porsche keys to one of Damon's guys to check it over.

The car looked great, the condition brilliant for a car of it's age. There were a few minor things, like a couple of curb marks on the wheels, some bubbling interior parts but nothing that couldn't be easily sorted. We fired it up and all sounded good too. Lee got busy and started testing all the sorts of nonsense that I would be forgetting, all was good until we got the AC... it was just spewing warm air. We showed Damon, he did seem genuinely surprised that it wasn't working and gave me the "should just need a regas" line. I was skeptical as I knew this could be an really expensive and difficult fix chasing faulty AC compenents around the system, searching for refridgerant leaks, I was starting to think this could have been a wasted trip to London.

Damon offered a test drive in the F355. Now I had driven one before, but it was a few years ago, LHD and a rather tired example so I was still quite unfamilir with it. I eased it out slowly down the bumpy track of the dealership and onto the country roads leaving Lee to comb over the documents. Immediately I was sold. There wasn't much going to stop this deal happening now, Lee could tell by the massive grin I had on my face when we arrived back.

Damon assured me if a regas didn't sort the aircon it would be covered under their warranty so the deal was done. I signed over the Porsche to him, picked up the key to the Ferrari and we set the sat nav to Edinburgh!

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