Tuesday, 15 March 2011

F355: Oh joy!

After hooking up an OBD II reader (the later 5.2 Motronic ECU F355's are partially OBD II compliant, but I'll post more on that later) and after some help from the forums it seemed that my MAF reading was about 3 times what it should have been reading at idle at 30g/s where it should be nearer 10g/s.

It seems my car was thinking it was getting a lot more air than it actually was and overfuelling to compensate. Here's the fix. I had put the MAF sensor on in the wrong direction! Turns out it doesn't work so well like that!

The car is now running perfectly again! Heart attack cancelled.


  1. Phew! that was sounding like it might be expensive.

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  3. Indeed. Looks like "vezzavincent" was all ready to get me to apply for bankruptcy!