Wednesday, 30 March 2011

F355: Exhaust pipe dreams

Since sorting the problem I created with the MAF sensor and the blow in the exhaust the Ferrari has been running beautifuly.

The Nouvalari sounds amazing when accelerating hard or at high revs but around town and driving slowly it's boomy and still noisy as hell after a while it gets a bit much. The standard exhaust was very civilised and didn't on the drive back up from London it wasn't once too intrusive. But I did change it in the first place, so perhaps it was too civilised...

I'm starting to think I should look at other options. The problem is there are so many options and without hearing them it's going to  be hard to make any sort of decision. I'm thinking Capristo will have a better "engineered" noise but they come in 3 levels.. I think level 1 would be enough for me. Then there is Tubi, Gothspeed, ITO and I also got offered a Kreissegg for $4500 (!) Too many options and not enough decision making power!

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