Monday, 20 June 2011

F355: Annual and Belts

It's been a while since I last posted. Apologies!

The biggest news on the F355 front is that I Just got my car back from it's Annual and belts service from MP Supercars.

Martin and Phil who run the place, are very friendly knowledgeable guys and had my car ready in less than 5 days despite being obviously extremely busy.

The service rushed me £1350. The Ferrari main dealer was a not unreasonable £1600+VAT, so around £2k. But I knew if other things needed done the cost would spiral out of control. Luckily no other work was needed to my car, so the first service turned out to be quite painless! Phew.

 While I was waiting I noticed the signed, quite fittingly Ferrari inspired Jamirorquai poster with the message "Martin + Phil, thanks for the fix. Jay Kay" well if it's good enough for Jay Kay's Enzo*, it's good enough for my F355.

*based on no factual information! I forgot to ask what they fixed for him, but I assume it was one of his Ferraris.

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