Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Lego Elise

Or VX220 as it's sometimes known. After owning a mk1 MX5 for a number of years and then having the rather unfortunate experience of arriving back from Le Mans after the 24 hour, only to find all that was left of my beloved car was a pile of glass. I had to start searching for something new.

The police never did find my MX5 and over 7 months later I've finally managed to find a replacement and its not the car I was expecting. Initially only being interested in an Elise, the natural choice; light weight revvy engine, rag top and amazing handling plus a badge that has racing pedigree. Almost obsessed, I spent hours trawling the classifieds for that perfect example with FSH, sub 60k miles, victory alloys, 160, 135, 111S or 111R. My obsession being catalysed by watching videos like Victory by Design and Lotus Elise Inside Story.

But after many months of searching for my perfect Elise, I came across the VX220 Turbo and what finally swayed it for me was a fifth gear shoot out between the 111R and VX220T. If Tiff can wrestle the VX to within a second of the latest incarnation of the Elise then that's good enough for me.

Besides who doesn't like Lego?!?!


  1. Looks great! How was the trackday?

  2. Tottally different experience to the MX5. At first I thought it was trying to kill me but once I got used to being super smooth with the controls and not using the same braking points as the MX5 it became much more fun. I'll try and stick a post up about it.